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I’m a musician Ukulele

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George Formby
Now everybody’s got a crazy notion of their own. Some like to mix up with a crowd, some like to be alone. It’s no one elses’ business as far as I can see, but every time that I go out the people stare at me, with me little ukulele in me hand.
George Formby British singer-songwriter and comedian

The Bottom Line:

Play three different songs with a virtual Ukulele.

The Good:

  • From 0 to Start in 30 seconds – Once you choose the song you want to play, you can immediately start playing the first chord of the song you have selected.
  • Pick your favorite mode – It has two modes – finger mode (flick it!) and stroking mode (shake it!)
  • Multi-touch – You can play chords by flicking all the strings at once.
  • No Risk  – Free trial available

The Bad:

  • Room for improvement – Having to change the chord by simultaneously pressing a button and shaking the phone is not an easy task.  An alternative to this would be to trigger the button once it is released.
  • Needs more songs – There are only four songs available.

The Ugly:

  • Some music background required – This application requires some musical knowledge or experience playing an instrument; therefore it frustrated some of the Marketplace’s reviewers. An alternative to this issue would be to have a mode where the user doesn’t have to change chords, but just shake or stroke the ukulele and the chord changes for them.

The Amazing:

  • Metro style implementation – This application follows Metro design principlesMetro is the new design language created by Microsoft for the Windows Phone 7 interface. in a delightful way.
  • Great audio and graphics – The audio and graphics for this application are high quality.



WPParent Moment:

Dear Parent,

WPParent Moments are dedicated to providing you with ideas on how to share this application with your child and promote parent and child bonding time.

In this section you will find the following activities:

  • Baby – Sing to Your Baby
  • Toddlers – Ukulele Sound Box
  • Pre-schooler – Introduction to Chords
  • Young Child – Play the Ukulele

Select the right activity according to your child’s age.

Enjoy the moment and don’t forget to leave a comment once you experience a WPParent Moment.


Sing to Your Baby

Babies love to hear their parents sing! It’s ok if you are not a professional singer; for a baby there is nothing like a parent’s voice. Learn one of the songs from this application and sing it to your baby while playing the ukulele. They will be amused by the sound of your voice and the ukulele.

If you don’t know the songs, find them on YouTube and listen to it over and over again until you learn the lyrics. Practice changing chords while listening to the song.

Here is the videos with lyrics for the song I am yourz (2).

Ukulele Sound Box

Show your little one how to use this app as a sound box by simply shaking the phone to make it produce sound. It’s a great introduction to the ukulele sounds.

Introduction to Chords

Show your child how to play chords in a four-string instrument. Point out how playing all the strings together produces a harmony called a chord. Each chord has a name: you can find it at the top of the screen, highlighted in the same color as your phone theme.

Play the Ukulele

Expand your child’s musical curiosity with this application. Learn one of the songs in this application together and practice when to change the chords. Take turns and perform for the rest of the family.

Need a little bit of inspiration? Watch this video.

Here is a videos with lyrics for the song I am yourz (2).


About This App:

Very good app… Unfortunately it has been misunderstood as you do need a bit of knowledge on how to play a string instrument. Amazing sound! Can’t stop playing it :)



Seems interesting but not understanding how to make actual music and not just annoying sounds. Could just be user error, but hopefully a future update explains how to play better.


This app is not intended for children.



Publisher's Description

Shake it! Flick it! Only the shaking and flicking makes you play the ukulele. If you don’t know chords, it’s not matter for playing the ukulele. You just shake your phone, and you’ve got great music. New songs will be updated soon. Played the ukulele with nimble fingers? Oh~ no! Just do it with funny shaking or flicking! *Ver. 1.3.0 No Ads *Ver. 1.2.0 Renewal “About page”

*Ver. 1.0.0 Song List

- Somewhere over the Crossbow

- I’m Yourz

-I’m Yourz(2)

- Hey, Soul Brother

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