LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

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Publisher's Description

*NOTE: This app does not work on phones with xenon flash, like the HTC Mozart.

LED Flashlight is a simple and free flashlight app. It uses the LED light on your phone as a light source (the light used by the camera when taking photos).

Unlike some other flashlight apps that just show a white screen, LED Flashlight can give you a much brighter light.

Even if LED Flashlight is a very simple app, we took our time to polish it and make it the best in the marketplace. We included some special features, most of them not available in other flashlight apps:

– Shake to toggle – you can shake the phone to toggle the flashlight

– Camera button to toggle – you can use the camera shutter button to toggle the flashlight

– Disable lock screen – you can disable the lock screen so that the light does not turn off by itself

– Constant light – the LED light does not flicker like some other flashlight apps

– Customizable live tile – you can choose from a few icons and effects and customize the colors(see screenshot).

LED Flashlight is a free, ad-supported app.

—– Version 1.2

[NEW] Live tile settings introduced.

[Improved] Minor UI improvements.


About This App:

Best most metro looking Flashlight available.


This is app is not intended for children.


Enless Soft

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